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April 25-28, 2022

It's state testing time so please click the appropriate link below to find out more details about it.

On Campus Learners

Remote Learners


April 12, 2022

Read about the New Mexico WORKING FAMILIES TAX CREDIT and LOW INCOME COMPREHENSIVE TAX REBATE available for this current tax season.  Select one of the links below.

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TMS Voice

March 7, 2022

Click the link above to access the TMS VOICE.  This website is the home of our student created Newscast, Newsletter, and Blog.  The students are members of Johnathon Preciado's Computer Tech classes for 8th graders.

TMS Dress Code
April 4, 2022

Click the link above to access the DRESS CODE page from our Student Handbook.  Most of the time, our students do a great job of following the guidance.  Occasionally, we do have incidents that must be dealt with.  Please read the policy, especially those in RED.  Dress Code policy can only be changed by our local school board.  Thank  you for your cooperation. 

Guidance for REMOTE Learners
December 1, 2021

Click the above link to read our Guidance Memo for REMOTE LEARNERS.  This applies to students who are Remote by choice, quarantine, or suspension.  The basic idea of our plan is students must follow a time schedule just like when they are on campus.  Contact teachers for the schedule.

A summary of our Attendance Policy for Remote and Quarantined students is:

      1.  Students are marked ABSENT if they DO NOT attend the live online class.  The definition of attend means the student has logged on to the meet within the first 10 minutes AND stays in the meet until it is finished.
      2.  Teachers mark the attendance just like they do for their on campus classroom.
      3.  In the event a teacher does not have a live meet, attendance is recorded by the teacher for student completion of any work for that day.

Please understand that this attendance summary is only for students who are officially Remote or QuarantinedAll other students who are not at school, will be marked absent just like we've traditionally done.  We encourage students who are absent to complete their work online through a Google Meet or in a Google Classroom, but this DOES NOT change their absence status.  This is part of the state's guidance on student Attendance.
While parents have the right to choose REMOTE Learning for their children, on campus learning is the best strategy for most students; however, if you wish to change your child to REMOTE Learner status, you must speak with the principal, Mr. Borden first.

Please contact the office with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for you partnership!

Contact the BUS BARN (461-2120) to arrange for
your child to ride the bus

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